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Well Known San Diegans 4 ALZ

You too can help support San Diego families and local research for a cure.
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Darlene Shiley, Philanthropist
Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder
Jerry Sanders, Former Mayor of San Diego

Carlo Cecchetto, CBS News 8
Anne State, Channel 10 News
Marty Levin, Retired NBC 7 San Diego

Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder

Who is involved?

Tony Hawk
Professional Skateboarder

Darlene Shiley

Mary Murphy
So You Think You Can Dance

Kevin Faulconer
Mayor of San Diego

Dianne Jacob
County Supervisor

Jerry Sanders
Former Mayor of San Diego

Bill Gore
San Diego County Sheriff

Marty Levin
NBC 7, Retired

Pat Brown
10News, Former

Carlo Cecchetto
CBS News 8

Anne State

Donnie Edwards
Professional Football Player, Retired

Kathryn Edwards
Real Housewives

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