Preston Stocking, MSW, is a key part of our care team at Alzheimer’s San Diego. You can find him helping coordinate the ALZ Companions respite program and monthly memory screenings, recruiting volunteers, and providing family support.

“I don’t only work with the older adult who may have Alzheimer’s or dementia. I work with their family as well,” says Preston, a dementia care consultant. “That’s a really great part of the job – being able to connect the entire family system together. There are resources not just for the older adult, but for their main caregiver, their spouse, and their adult children. I can help bring it all together.”

For Preston, our mission is personal.

My grandfather had symptoms of vascular dementia before he passed away when I was 9 years old,” he explains. “He didn’t recognize anyone besides my grandmother, and I remember it was the first time seeing my father really sad and distraught. Now, I want to be able to help people put their puzzle together and figure things out.”

Preston first joined the team as an intern in 2017, while he was completing his Master’s of Social Work degree from San Diego State University. He was excited to become a full-time staff member the next year.

“At Alzheimer’s San Diego, it is a truly unique environment. I’ve never been around this many people united around the idea of being able to help families,” he says. “Our families always come first. We work to find every option possible for them so they can get where they need to be.”

“When I see a client overcome their difficulties…it is really special,” Preston continues. “The situation may not be 100% better, but they’re smiling more. They’re moving forward. You can see that progress. It’s gratifying to help them find the piece that they’re missing.”

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