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Staff Directory

Alzheimer’s San Diego
Shiley Center for Education and Support

858.492.4400 phone
858.492.4406 fax
6632 Convoy Court, San Diego, CA 92111


Shelita Weinfield
Phone: 858.966.3302

Vice President Operations

Susan Quinn, MBA, MA
Phone: 858.966.3312

Vice President Programs & Family Services

Jessica Empeno, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3305

Development Director

Michelle Van Hoff
Phone: 858.966.3300

Education & Outreach Manager

Amy Abrams, MSW/MPH
Phone: 858.966.3306

Family Services Manager

Kelly Rein, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3291

Family Services Coordinator

Rebecca De Campos, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3303 

Family Services Coordinator

Sarina Barker, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3293

Volunteer & Respite Program Manager

Adrianna McCollum, MS
Phone: 858.966.3296

Programs Coordinator

Regina Lagasca, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3294

Family Services Manager

Marcie Hanna, MSW/LCSW
Phone: 858.966.3297

Family Services Coordinator

Cassie Deacon, MSW
Phone: 858.966.3292

Operations and Donor Engagement Manager

Cindy Lee
Phone: 858.966.3318

Marketing Communications Manager

Annie Greenberg
Phone: 858.966.3290

Donor Relations Officer

Lori Schick
Phone: 858.966.3310

Development Coordinator

Olivia Downing
Phone: 858.966.3295

Family Services Coordinator

Ana Choza-Hunt
Phone: 858.966.3304