Fact Check: Demystifying support groups

Whether you’re living with dementia or caring for someone who is, dealing with memory loss can be complicated, overwhelming, and lonely. Most people who have not experienced a similar role may not understand your situation, and speaking with them may be more of a letdown. That’s why we’re taking this month to highlight one of our most successful programs – our valuable support groups.

January 21st, 2022|News|

Recapitulación: Cómo Iniciar una Plática Sobre la Pérdida de Memoria

Abordar conversaciones sobre la pérdida de la memoria puede ser una tarea complicada, ya que no usar la estrategia más adecuada para hablar del tema puede generar incomodidad, miedo, malentendidos u otros sentimientos negativos.

January 5th, 2022|DEI, News|
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