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Join us for online education! These webinars will be held using Zoom, and participation is free and easy. If you need help registering for a class, you can watch our how-to video or set up an appointment with our Volunteer Tech Team. Give us a call at 858.492.4400 to get started.

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Safety at Home


Learn important home safety tips to keep people living with memory loss safe and well at home. Reduce the risk of wandering, falls, household injuries, medication errors, and more. This class is open to everyone, [View More]

Confessions of a Caregiver: Men’s Perspectives

Online Event

Join us for an open and honest discussion about the challenges of caring for a person living with dementia. Your questions will be answered by a panel of family caregivers, who will share lessons learned [View More]

Drop-in Education Hour

Online Event

Have you watched or attended one of our education webinars, and still have some unanswered questions? Join us for an unstructured, open-ended hour with the Alzheimer’s San Diego dementia education team! These sessions are open [View More]

Webinar Library

Watch recordings of our online education anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Consider signing up for one of our “Drop-In Education Hours” in the calendar above for additional context and to ask any questions you may have.

💡Getting Started

Dementia 101
A comprehensive overview about memory loss, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s, and other dementias. Learn about risk factors, common symptoms, and resources for help. Click here to watch >>

Maintaining Your Brain Health
Learn about the latest research on lifestyle changes and strategies that everyone can use to maintain their brain health. Click here to watch >>

How to Talk About Memory Loss
As the holidays approach, learn how to plan for successful, lower-stress family discussions about difficult topics like changes in memory, driving, and living alone. Click here to watch >>

Living with Memory Loss
This class is designed for people living with early-stage memory loss and their care partners. Learn strategies for adapting to daily challenges, enhancing health and well-being, and planning for the future. Click here to watch >>


Care Options: Living at Home
Is it time for more help? Learn about in-home care options, and community-based resources such as adult day care, care management, and more. Click here to watch >>

Care Options: Residential Placement
Whether you’re looking at placement options now or planning ahead, learn about the different types of residential settings (including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities), what they cost, and how to choose what’s best for your situation. Click here to watch >>

After the Move to Memory Care
Whether you’re preparing for a move, or caring for someone who lives in residential care, join us to learn how to make the transition a positive one through building relationships, working with staff, and managing emotions. Click here to watch >>

Legal & Financial Basics
Learn from local estate planning and elder law experts about getting key legal documents in place and how to plan for the costs of future care. Click here to watch >>

Safety at Home
Learn important home safety tips to keep people living with memory loss safe and well at home – especially while social distancing. This class will focus on ways to reduce the risk of wandering and how to respond if wandering occurs, in addition to preventing falls, household injuries, medication errors, and more. Click here to watch >>

Driving & Memory Loss
Learn how physical and cognitive changes affect a driver’s safety, how to evaluate driving skills, local transportation resources, and tips for having difficult conversations about driving. Click here to watch >>


*These webinars are designed specifically for dementia care partners.*

Communication Skills
Develop new skills and strategies for connecting and communicating with a person experiencing memory loss, and responding when interactions are challenging. Click here to watch >>

Coping with Personality & Behavior Changes
Learn why people with dementia experience behavior and personality changes, what those changes mean, and how to respond. Click here to watch >>

Managing Resistance
If you’re struggling with someone who refuses help, join us to explore what causes resistance. You’ll also develop new caregiving strategies to strengthen relationships, build trust, and preserve dignity. Click here to watch >>

Skills Clinic: Meals & Eating
Our Skills Clinics give care partners the same hands-on training as professional caregivers. This session will focus on strategies for meal planning and assisting people living with dementia with eating and drinking safely. Click here to watch >>

Skills Clinic: Medications
Our Skills Clinics give families the same hands-on training as professional caregivers. In this session, learn strategies for helping a person with dementia manage daily medications safely. Click here to watch >>

Skills Clinic: Using Movement & Motion for Quality of Life
Our Skills Clinics give families the same hands-on training as professional caregivers. In this session, you’ll learn how to incorporate safe exercises and movement in everyday life. Click here to watch >>

Long-Distance Caregiving
Caring for someone living with dementia from afar presents its own unique challenges. Join us to discuss ways to stay in touch, keep informed, and be a helpful and supportive care partner. Click here to watch >>

Care in the Late Stage
Learn what to expect in the late stage of dementia, and explore new ways to communicate and provide care as needs are changing. Click here to watch >>

Preparing for a Good End: Hospice, Palliative, and End-of-Life Care
An introduction to hospice and palliative care services, and resources for support at the end of life. Click here to watch >>

💡En español

¿Mala memoria o sintomas de demencia? La importancia de promover una mejor salud cerebral
Identifique cambios cognitivos,factores de riesgo y síntomas associados con demencia. Aprenda estrategias para mantener la salud de su cerebro. Haga clic aquí para ver >>

Cómo iniciar una plática sobre la pérdida de memoria
A medida que se acerca la temporada de festividades, únase a nosotros para aprender cómo planificar discusiones familiares exitosas y menos estresantes sobre temas difíciles como cambios en la memoria, conducir y vivir solo. Haga clic aquí para ver >>

Special Events

Caregiver Well-Being: Mindfulness, Movement & Managing Your Mood
If you find yourself neglecting your own health and well-being while caring for a person living with dementia, join us to learn everyday strategies that can help. Featuring a panel of experts from Alzheimer’s San Diego and our partners at Sharp HealthCare: Michael Plopper, MD, Dara Schwartz, PsyD, and Alfie Fullen, RD. Click here to watch >>

Care, Compassion & Complications: A Panel Discussion on Hospice & Palliative Care
Alzheimer’s San Diego hosts a panel discussion on the challenges caregivers may face in using hospice or palliative care services, as well as the poignant joys of a good end of life. The panel includes professionals and family caregivers, who reflect on their views and experiences. Click here to watch >>

Why Does Dementia Increase Fall Risk?
Learn about the brain changes and other factors that contribute to fall risk in people living with dementia, and simple changes to one’s environment and daily routines that can help. This webinar was originally recorded as part of San Diego County’s Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2020. Click here to watch >>

Date With A Cure (2021)
Learn about the latest breakthroughs in dementia research – directly from local scientists working to find a cure – in this interactive Q&A forum. Click here to watch >>

Instagram Live: Making Meaningful Connections
Director of Education, Amy Abrams MSW/MPH joins us for a frank conversation about how to connect with someone living with dementia at any stage of the disease – whether visiting in person or virtually. Click here to watch >>

The Hearing & Cognition Connection
Hearing loss affects one in three older adults in the U.S. today, impacting personal safety, social connection, and quality of life for many. Join us to learn the primary causes of hearing loss, its relationship to dementia risk and other health conditions, and recent treatment innovations. Presented by Alzheimer’s San Diego and Professional Hearing Associates, Inc., with support from the San Diego/Imperial Geriatric Education Center. Click here to watch >>

Class Recaps & Videos

While our offline education programs are currently on hold, please explore the class recaps and educational videos below. As always, don’t hesitate to call our team of expert social workers if you have questions or need guidance: 858.492.4400.

Memory Loss 101 (Start here!)
Learn more about the different kinds of memory loss and dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Adjusting to Life with Dementia
Learn how to adapt to daily challenges, enhance well-being and plan for the future after a dementia diagnosis.

Communication Skills & Dementia
Learn how to connect and communicate more effectively with a person experiencing memory loss or dementia.

Coping with Personality & Behavior Changes
Learn why dementia can lead to behavior and personality changes, what those changes mean, and how to respond.

Dementia Symptoms
Learn about common symptoms of dementia, and how they differ from normal memory loss that comes with aging.

Safety & Wandering
Learn important home safety tips to reduce the risk of wandering, falls, household injuries, and more.