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San Diego is at the epicenter of Alzheimer’s disease research. But all the scientists in the world can’t find a cure without your help. More than half of clinical trials fail ​to start on time due to the lack of volunteers. Will you be part of the solution?

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Without clinical trials, there can be no better treatments, no prevention and no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists work constantly to find better ways to treat diseases, but improved treatments can never become a reality without testing in clinical trials with human volunteers.

Today, at least 50,000 volunteers are urgently needed to participate in more than 130 actively-enrolling clinical trials about Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Recruiting and retaining trial participants is now the greatest obstacle, other than funding, to developing the next generation of Alzheimer’s treatments.

People with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and healthy volunteers are needed today to participate in Alzheimer’s and dementia research.  When you join a clinical trial, you have an opportunity to participate in critical research that could change the course of Alzheimer’s disease and improve the lives of all those it affects.

San Diego is making huge local progress through the collaboration of San Diego’s premier research institutes in order to advance San Diego drug discovery.

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