ALZ Companions Respite Program

Socialize – from a safe distance – with virtual ALZ Companion visits! While in-home respite is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both care partners and people living with dementia in San Diego County can benefit from a virtual visit. We will carefully match you with a volunteer, and you can connect using free video software like Facetime or Zoom.
“Doug had a lovely visit with Emilya this afternoon. He has not facetimed much, but he caught right on and was not intimidated by the technology. It was so wonderful to see Doug fully engaged with someone outside of the family.  I think this will make all the difference in the world. I cannot thank you enough!” – Carolyn

Interested in getting matched with a virtual ALZ Companion? Give us a call: 858.492.4400

Become an ALZ Companion

We are looking for compassionate individuals who have a few hours each week to spend with someone living with dementia. Your companion visit will give them and their care partners the opportunity to socialize while social distancing, and can even provide the care partner with a small break.

No experience is required. We will provide you with specialized training and will carefully match you with a family that fits your interests, personality and strengths.

Interested? Call us today: 858.492.4400