ALZ Companions

Give a family the gift of time

Alzheimer’s San Diego is looking for compassionate individuals to spend a few hours each week with someone with dementia. You can pass the time by talking, reading, playing an instrument or simply being their friend. Your companion visit will give family caregivers a desperately-needed break!

ALZ Companion volunteers do not help with any physical or personal care, and no experience is required. We will provide you with specialized training and will carefully match you with a family that fits your location, personality and strengths. To become a volunteer, please click the blue button below or contact Adrianna McCollum at 858-966-3296 or


As an ALZ Companion, you’ll help provide:

  • Companionship – encouraging reminiscing about the past or enjoying a movie together
  • Socialization – engaging in activities such as games, listening to music or gardening
  • Supervision – ensuring their safety while their caregiver is absent

We do ask that all volunteers have excellent people skills, such as being caring and patient. The minimum age requirement is 18.

For students: We also offer ALZ Companion internships! Click here to learn more.

See the joy of volunteering

Interested in becoming an ALZ Companion volunteer or intern? Click the button below to get started.