AnaAna Choza-Hunt is one of the many dedicated dementia experts here at Alzheimer’s San Diego. You can find her answering calls that come in from caregivers, those who have been diagnosed with dementia, and other professionals who need resources or guidance on how to deal with the disease. 

From a young age, she knew the importance of advocating for those who couldn’t advocate for themselves.

“My parents talked about injustices in Mexico. Growing up bilingual, it was my job, my parents said, to help those who didn’t speak English and who needed help and guidance,” Ana explains. “I think it’s really sad when someone who isn’t able to defend themselves gets pushed around. Sometimes, people need a hand and somebody to stand up for them.”

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There are difficulties that come with any job, and for Ana, she says not always having an easy answer is the hardest part for her. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

“Sometimes people…just want someone to say ‘this is what you should do,'” she says. “There are so many variables that you can’t really do that, but we do our best to listen…and make sure they get the support they need.” 

For Ana, the best part of the job is having someone say they feel so much calmer and prepared for the future after speaking with her. That’s when she knows she’s making a difference in someone’s life.

When she’s not answering calls and helping people in the office, you can find Ana teaching dementia education classes in Spanish across San Diego County. Click here to see the latest education calendar.