Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We often say that when you’ve met one person living with dementia…you’ve met one person living with dementia. That’s why we celebrate the things that make our team as unique as the people we serve. Alzheimer’s San Diego is a safe and inclusive space. We are committed to reflecting the rich diversity of our community, and to holding ourselves accountable. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee ensures these words are put into practice.

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Our Community

Alzheimer’s San Diego is proud to serve all of San Diego County. Here is a glimpse of the community we know and love.

san diego county diversity infographic


Latest DEI Updates

Normalizando la demencia entre Latinos

Enterarse de que un ser querido ha sido diagnosticado con Alzheimer no es fácil, y, como luego veremos en este artículo, el reto que presenta tal diagnóstico tiene un efecto más devastador en algunos grupos demográficos que otros, especialmente en la comunidad latina. 

Dementia Educator Spotlight: Meet Nellie

Meet Nellie – our new Dementia Educator~ Nellie is fluent in Spanish and is excited to help us extend our current programs and services to the Spanish-speaking community in San Diego County.