Alzheimer’s San Diego and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department have teamed up for the Take Me Home program.

What is Take Me Home?
Take Me Home was designed to help at-risk San Diegans get home safely. Getting lost is scary and can be dangerous – especially for someone living with dementia, autism, or other developmental disabilities. Download a brochure in English here, and in Spanish here.

Ask yourself: What would my person do if they were not able to communicate their name or address if they were lost? Take Me Home is designed to be a safeguard if a person becomes disoriented or confused, and unable to identify how to get back home.

SAFETY | Learn more about safety best practices for people living with dementia.

Here’s how it works: Simply register online by clicking here, or by filling out a paper application. (Download an application in Spanish here.) You’ll submit a headshot photo of the person at risk of wandering, basic information (such as a nickname or favorite place to go), and who to contact – then you’re done! The application takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. This information is confidential, and can only be accessed by law enforcement in an emergency if that person is missing.

Our team of Clinical Care Coaches are here to help! If you need assistance enrolling in Take Me Home, call Alzheimer’s San Diego at 858.492.4400.