Support & Discussion Groups

Alzheimer’s San Diego provides free Support & Discussion Groups across San Diego County, in English, Spanish and Korean. These groups can be a lifeline for many families affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. They allow them to connect with other people going through the same daily struggles – and to learn from each other’s experiences. Each meeting is kept small, with usually no more than 15 people. During this time, caregivers will learn coping techniques for everyday situations, resources to take advantage of and what to expect throughout the progression of the disease in a compassionate and safe environment. There are also groups for people living with dementia, who are in the early stages of the disease.

Support & Discussion Groups are confidential, meaning anything you share within the group is held in confidence and will not be spoken about outside of the group. This confidentiality is broken only in cases of safety concerns where someone describes that they are at risk of harm to themselves or others. Find a calendar of Support & Discussion Groups below.

For more information, contact Rebecca McDaniel at 858.966.3303 or  

Download the Group Directory

What can I expect during a Support & Discussion Group?

A typical group starts with introductions and any updates or announcements. A group may then follow up with issues from the previous meeting, answer questions, provide educational information or allow an open format for discussion. Everyone interested in sharing or asking questions of the group will be able to do so.

Before joining a group, we highly recommend you call the support and discussion group leader. This gives you an opportunity to confirm the meeting, ask the leader questions, and to be sure the group is right for you.

Become a Support & Discussion Group Leader

Interested in becoming a Support & Discussion Group Leader?  Alzheimer’s San Diego provides training, materials and ongoing support for those interested in leading a support & discussion group in their community.  The next training will be April 16, 2019. Download this flyer for more information, or call Rebecca McDaniel at 858.966.3303.

Observation Policy

We do not allow observation at any support and discussion group, as a courtesy to our group participants and in an attempt to provide them with a safe and confidential environment.