Share your Story

If you are willing to share your personal or family story with Alzheimer’s San Diego, we want to hear it!

Sharing your personal story is a great opportunity to:

  • Inspire and encourage others and let them know they are not alone
  • Raise community awareness about the need for more research, treatment, and a cure
  • Highlight services available to families living with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Generate more media and more awareness about the disease

Alzheimer’s San Diego would like to share your story in one or more of the following ways:

  • In writing – journal or newspaper articles, marketing materials, website, etc.
  • Personal appearance – an in-person media opportunity to tell your story at events
  • Media opportunities – including website, e-communications & social media

  • Walk4ALZ – our annual walk fundraiser

  • Education Events
  • Donor Events


If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact Annie Greenberg, 858.966.3290 or